The Stars are Made of Concrete

coverpic Adam has never had a job. At the age of twenty-four he is deemed lazy and useless by everyone around him: but when his mum, Bev, is made redundant after over a decade of working in the NHS the tables are turned. As Adam struggles to set up a life for himself and his new family, Bev is left wondering – “If we’re all in this together, why do I feel so alone?”

Nominated for Best Drama and Best New Writing at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, The Stars Are Made of Concrete shows the people behind the statistics and how they try to carry on with grace, humour… and ladyboys.

Read the reviews :

‘One of the few plays around that really speaks for a layer of society often talked about in the media, but whose own voices are rarely heard, The Stars Are Made of Concrete is an absolute must-see.’ ***** Bernadette Hyland The People’s Daily Morning Star

‘‘The Stars are Made of Concrete’s depiction of life on the fringe of society for people willing to work but in need of support acts as a refreshing balance to the constant demonisation of benefit recipients to which we have become accustomed in the media.’ David Cunningham, Manchester Theatre Awards

‘What is perhaps most impressive about this piece of theatre is that it shows all this hardship in an amusing way, while also managing to never become condescending or over the top.’ Fran Slater, The Manchester review

‘Michelle Ashton’s play is both witty and funny but also intriguing’ Luke Richards, North West End

Cast & Creative:

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    1. Hi Andrew,

      We won’t be going to Edinburgh this year, but we will be planning more dates around the country later in the year. Watch this space!

  1. Going to see this tonight Oldham, looks good and my friends daughter wrote it, well done Chelle, when your rich and famous dont forget who supported you lol, break a leg xx

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