FINE is a drama which enters the lives of Will – a counsellor in an FE college – and his fifteen year old student, Lucy. In the confines of Will’s office, Lucy is encouraged to be honest about herself; but how much should we reveal to other people? FINE examines the different sides of ourselves and how we present ourselves to others. How much is safe to reveal? How honest are we with other people, or with ourselves? And what happens when the safety of the office walls is removed?


Michelle Ashton, who plays troubled fifteen-year-old Lucy in her own play, seems to have talent to burn: her performance is spot-on and highly watchable… [Jog Maher] is a worthy foil for Ashton: patiently, he strips away Lucy’s surly and defensive front to reveal a clever, lonely girl. Kate Darby, One Stop Arts

The writing revealed aspects of [Lucy’s] development with grace and expert timing… Overall, the performance was immaculate and the strength of the acting talent shone through. There were moments of humour and emotion as the story delved deeper into the character’s lives, revealing the complexities within our day to day relationships and how they can manifest themselves. Leah Revington, Large Manchester

Daniel Mee’s production photography: